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Ronelle Adam, mother of Sadie

Westminster, MA

"We first got involved with Diamond is the Sky so my youngest daughter and nephew could have common ground time with one another, which has become a thing for them to do. When I say 'Sadie, do you want to go to Cake class?,' Sadie's reply is always 'With Cameron?.' And now many months later, not only are we also involved with Painting Classes, Cake Decorating classes, and more, but my oldest daughter was also able to get involved by volunteering as well. Diamond is the Sky, with their peer equal classe, is now reaching out to my children's world, a world that not many reach out to, a world where once again 'barriers' in language seem to get in the way of everyday life. Diamond is the Sky is BREAKING those barriers for Deaf/HH children by inviting them into their organization. And I for one can not wait to see how far this organization can break those barriers down for my nephew, for my daughters and for all the children not yet involved!"


Tammy Diaz, mother of Cameron

Clinton, MA

“What Diamond is the Sky has done for my FAMILY. ...I am am able to talk to other parents who understand how long each day can be but can also relate to how Amazing it is when my son simply hugs me. It's an organization where where Cameron can go down activities and not be judged.  He can also bring his typically developing brother and his brother can feel at ease. And he can bring his cousin whom he often has a horrible time communicating with but when they are there together at Diamond Is the Sky activities, it somehow it just works. I am grateful to be a part of this FAMILY!”


Janet Amorello, mother of Sam

Holden, MA

"Diamond is the Sky provides Sam a safe environment to have fun and just be 'Sam.' He's had the chance to try new activities like Zumba, Yoga and cooking. Because the environment is so welcoming, Sam has grown week after week and has even formed relationships. Diamond is the Sky is a happy place."


Peter Wyman, father of Jarod and CJ

Lancaster, MA

"Diamond Is the Sky made it into yet another ISP as one of the leading successes now for TWO of my adult sons. Thank you for including us and, more importantly, creating something that allows us to expand our circle."

Sandra Cabral, mother of Joe

Bolton, MA

"My son Joe is 19.  I have found young adults his age with special needs have very few opportunities to participate in fun activities with people their own age, as these groups often consist of people much older or younger. Diamond Is the Sky, through their Yoga class and Make Your Own Brunch Party, has given Joe this chance. Thank you, Diamond Is the Sky!"


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