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...because everyone deserves to get involved


We gladly accept gifts in-kind. One of the most valuable in-kind donations that we can receive is physical space to host programming and activities or your expertise to lead a session. If you have a space (i.e. a gymnasium for a yoga class or a field for a soccer clinic or a studio for dance, art or music class/therapy, hall for a fundraisier etc.) that you would be willing to donate, we would love to speak with you about it. Likewise, if you are an instructor, coach service provider, or professional in another area who would be willing to share your time and talents with us, please reach out to us.


If you have quality items to donate, we would be happy to learn about them. We are always in need of various supplies to help us to provide the best services possible, including, but not limited to:

  • Office supplies

  • Tickets or passes to an event/location

  • Art/craft supplies

  • Sporting goods

  • Electronics (laptop, computer, scanner, printer, camera, etc.)

  • Musical instruments 


The value of your in-kind donation is fully tax-deductible.


Please contact or 774-823-5016 to discuss in-kind giving opportunities with us. 


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