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Diamond Is the Sky is founded by parents of a child with autism who has endured her share of behavioral challenges in some activities in which she’s participated through the years. Through appropriate, respectful collaboration with her service providers, we were able to address all such challenges and were impressed by the vast majority of fellow special needs parents who were able to do the same utilizing a similarly constructive approach.   We’re an understanding organization that strives to be patient, tolerant, and meet everyone’s needs.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we can meet everyone’s needs. Therefore, we reserve the right to expel any participant who engages in behavior that is a danger to themselves or anyone else involved in the activity, be it due to a major single incident or an ongoing pattern of unsafe behavior. We require parents, guardians, staff, or caregivers to help the person they accompany remain safe at all times.  While your child or person you accompany deserves the opportunity to take part in the activity to the full extent of his or her abilities, everyone else present does as well. Please strongly consider warning us of possible dangerous behavior such as hitting, kicking, head banging, chair throwing, hair pulling, pinching, spitting, and anything else you feel may potentially create an unsafe environment. Please bear in mind that just because your child or the person you accompany may potentially engage in any such dangerous behaviors doesn’t mean we won’t give him or her the chance to take part in a Diamond Is the Sky activity. We just need to know in advance so we can adapt the environment to help them and everyone else succeed.


We also reserve the right to expel any participant who verbally mocks another participant. If your child or person you accompany is known to engage in such behavior, please just let us know so we can help them succeed in not doing so.

Please bear in mind that just because a person is expelled from a Diamond Is the Sky activity doesn’t mean they can never come back for another one. We’re well aware of the amazing progress people can make and are generally willing to give multiple chances–provided any participant, parent, guardian, staff, or caregiver concerned remains collaborative. 


Note: Part of agreeing to our mandatory Waiver of Liability includes all participants or parents/guardians of participants on behalf of the participant agreeing to adhere to this Code of Conduct. Such language is included on the Waiver of Liability form.


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